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About Battle Ridge Builders

Battle Ridge Builders (BRB) was created out of necessity in 2006 by two guys who couldn’t imagine holding a fulltime job and missing out on the epic skiing and fly fishing seasons that Montana has to offer. They started off as a drywall stocking company, fast forward a couple of years, the valley was booming and BRB was capitalizing on the residential construction market, subcontracting drywall, framing, siding, and roofing work. Contracts were coming in and priorities were changing. As we continued to successfully complete projects it seemed they just slowly got larger.

At this point BRB had grown to a group of 4 more-than full time guys just trying to keep up with the projects. At the end of 2008, the bottom dropped out of the housing market, the Bozeman boom dried up and the local projects were gone. It was time to hit the road and the North Dakota oil boom was the place to go. After connecting with some quality general contractors, BRB was able to procure contracts to side and roof hotels, multiplexes and commercial buildings in North Dakota. Even with the downturn, business was accelerating because of our can do attitude and being able to survive North Dakota’s brutal winters.

Dakota Ham took the helm in 2010, when the other founder decided to chase another life. With a weak residential market, BRB decided to start bidding on civil projects. Starting off by working for non-profits and environmental groups on small infrastructure projects, BRB won its first bridge project in 2012, with just the right guys the project went great, and the Battle Ridge Builders Civil Division took off from there.

In 2011, the federal, state, and county contracts were rolling in and Kari Ham joined the company full time as the comptroller and office manager. With a solid leader in the office our administrative side quickly reached new heights allowing us to complete larger projects.

For 7 years we have grown rapidly in multiple markets and in multiple disciplines. We have completed civil specialty projects in Nebraska, Kansas, South Dakota, North Dakota, and Montana. Developing a focus on in-water concrete structures, technical dam and bridge repairs as well as new bridge and culvert construction. All the while BRB’s large-scale exteriors division has steadily grown into one of the most capable installers in the Northern Border states. BRB has completed multiple schools, hospitals, and other large-scale government buildings all over the Northern US, focusing on technical warrantied exterior envelopes, rain screen, and panel systems.

Over the years we have managed to grow to a staff of 20 and build our subcontractor and supplier base. Headquartered in Belgrade, MT, BRB has found our key to success is our hands-on approach. Most times our project managers and superintendents are on site and physically involved in completing the work and forming solutions, which means less time trying to communicate between management levels and more time completing our clients work.